Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Limited Edition Poster for Ballroom Marfa

"The blood of a Poet"


Back in January I made posters for Ballroom Marfa's screening of "The Blood of a Poet" with live score by Eluvium. This limited edition of 30 is made out of pigmented cast cotton and abaca paper with calligraphy. The cast frame is made to mimic a mirror, like the one the poet passes through in the film, while the calligraphy font is similar to those used in silent films.

Mary Temple at Rice Gallery

Mary Temple at Rice Gallery


I spent the month of January in Houston assisting Mary Temple with her large installation at Rice University's Gallery (pictured on bottom). I first met Mary when I was working at Dieu Donné. She was the first Workspace Residency Artist I had the pleasure of working with. The image pictured on top is a large blow-out piece created in collaboration with Rachel Gladfelter at the former Dieu Donné studio space on Broome Street. It was great working with her again. The show has been extended until the end of August. Go check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Glasstire Blog Article

Check out Theresa Bembnister's (a former Chinati intern) blog article on Marfa Made Paper for Glasstire. The blog is appropriately named "No Country For Old Interns."


Friday, May 14, 2010

Chinati Workshop

Chinati Holiday Workshop

So, it's been awhile since I posted last........
Back in December I taught a kid's papermaking workshop at the Chinati Foundation. There were about 30 kids from the community in the first workshop, and 20 in the afternoon. Avery and Jayce had fun making bright orange paper during the holiday workshop!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teaching Papermaking at the Kansas City Art Institute

Papermaking Workshop at the Kansas City Art Institute

Every time I go back to teach, the freshmen look younger and younger!! Actually, these photos are from children's classes I taught at Dieu Donné Papermill in New York City. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures in the studio this trip, but I'll try and dig up the ones from last time.

Last fall I taught a papermaking workshop, and gave a visiting artist lecture at the Art Institute in Kansas City. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to come back and teach this year. It was a really busy day, and I gave the students a lot of information. They learned how to do blow-outs, watermarks, laminate casting, embedding, deckle-boxing, and casting into molds.

There is something really inspiring and rewarding about teaching. I love when the students get really into the process. Instant gratification! It's really amazing to think you have given young artists information that may change the direction of their work somewhere down the road.

I'm looking forward to teaching papermaking classes once I get set up in Marfa!

Monday, October 12, 2009

E.V. Day Exhibitions in NYC

E.V. Day Exhibitions in NYC

The incomparable artist, E.V. Day, has two exhibitions opening in the coming weeks. If you are in NY, check them out. Day participated in Dieu Donné's Lab Grant Residency Program. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with E.V. during her time in the studio. Over the course of a year, we developed a new technique of pigmenting fishnet bodysuits under tension, and pressing them into thick sheets of handmade cotton paper. The end result is a pigment transfer and embossing, which creates a trompe l'oeil affect. We took the work to the Armory fair last year, and most viewers commented that they thought the fishnets were still in the paper!

You can see E.V. working in the studio:

E.V. Day
New Work in Handmade Paper

October 15 - November 25

Opening reception for the artist October 15,

from 6-8PM

Shazam - Red and Blue, 2009. Fishnet bodysuit
pigment embossing on cotton base sheet.
60 x 40 inches. Collaborator: Catherine Cox
assisted by Akemi Martin.

Dieu Donné is pleased to announce an exhibition

of new work from E.V. Day's Lab Grant residency.

The vibrant pieces are created using an

innovative technique of embossing pigmented

fishnets into thick casting paper pulp, and are

true realizations of Day's sculptural practice

in a two dimensional form.

Dieu Donné is on Facebook.





E.V. Day, "Carmen", NYCO costume, props, monofilament and hardware, 10' high x 6' diameter

Beginning November 5, vintage City Opera costumes will soar

above the promenade of the renovated David H. Koch Theater

Free Public Viewing on Friday, November 6, 5-9pm

Artist’s Preview and Press Reception: Wednesday October 21, 6-8pm

E.V. Day working on "Madam Butterfly" sculpture in NYCO warehouse.

NEW YORK, NY [September XX, 2009] – To celebrate the New York City Opera’s 2009-10 season and the company’s return to the newly renovated David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, City Opera will present a site-specific installation by artist E.V. Day in the theater’s Promenade. A series of dynamic sculptures made from a selection of vintage City Opera costumes and costume accessories will be dramatically suspended overhead in exuberant simulated motion.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out City Frames!!

Eat Your Heart Out City Frames!!!!

As we all know, framing is costly. And for what? Some sticks and glass? Thanks to the help of my generous friends I'm building them myself. It is a little slow going, but it saves sooooo much green. Thanks to Justin Gainan who helped me mill all the lumber and showed me how to assemble everything. I couldn't have pulled it off with out him. Also, thanks to Patrick Renner for letting us use his woodshop. They are both amazing artists, and you can expect to see their work at MarfaMade.