Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teaching Papermaking at the Kansas City Art Institute

Papermaking Workshop at the Kansas City Art Institute

Every time I go back to teach, the freshmen look younger and younger!! Actually, these photos are from children's classes I taught at Dieu Donné Papermill in New York City. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures in the studio this trip, but I'll try and dig up the ones from last time.

Last fall I taught a papermaking workshop, and gave a visiting artist lecture at the Art Institute in Kansas City. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to come back and teach this year. It was a really busy day, and I gave the students a lot of information. They learned how to do blow-outs, watermarks, laminate casting, embedding, deckle-boxing, and casting into molds.

There is something really inspiring and rewarding about teaching. I love when the students get really into the process. Instant gratification! It's really amazing to think you have given young artists information that may change the direction of their work somewhere down the road.

I'm looking forward to teaching papermaking classes once I get set up in Marfa!

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